Grooming & Spa

Your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood after visiting Nemacolin Wooflands Pet Resort & Spa! Our grooming salon offers all the luxuries you expect from a human spa, only for pets! Whether it is a clean up after a day of fun at our stimulating daycare, or just some pampering, your pet is guaranteed to look amazing after a luxurious day at our dog spa. We’ll make your pet look fabulous!


  • Leads to less shedding, healthy skin, and a healthy coat
  • Removes the stress of having to lift and struggle at home getting your dog into the bathtub
  • Trimmed nails are safer for your pet and you, and easier on your floors
  • Extra hair/fur can matt and reduce contact to the air and trap moisture
  • Properly cleaned ears hear and feel better
  • Thorough cleaning and brushing promotes healthy hair and scalp
  • Trained eyes spot potential health risks before they become major complications

Your dog will become accustomed to being bathed and actually enjoy the experience!

Grooming services are available 7 days a week by appointment, whether you are boarding overnight or need a single pet grooming session. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact a Nemacolin Wooflands Associate at 724.329.9663.

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